Caravan Towing Covers

The purpose of caravan towing covers is to protect the outer shell of the mobile living unit when it is being transported. This protective cover is fitted to the front of the caravan so most if not all debris from the motorway will be deflected.

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What are the advantages of having a caravan towing cover on my vehicle?

Just like all vehicles that travel the motorways, the front end will encounter bugs, small pebbles and other pieces of flying debris. By having a caravan towing cover this area of the caravan will be protected from the scratches and possible dents they might inflict you your unit. 

By having a caravan towing cover in place, the finish on the caravan will have a barrier so it will remain clean even if you are going down a muddy road.

In most instances, the caravan towing cover is also easier to clean than the front of the caravan itself.

What are the disadvantages of having a caravan towing cover on my vehicle?

The biggest disadvantage of having a caravan towing cover is the possibility of scratches and wear marks on the caravan from the cover. Most have elastic sides to help keep the tarp snug, but a perfect fit is not always possible. If the tarp is loose then a scuff or wears mark might be created.

If the front of the caravan is dirty or has small debris on it when the cover is mounted, the scratching of the caravan’s finish is almost assured.

What types of caravan towing covers are there?

The covers are made of weaved material with the best one having multiple layers. In the past, a black matting was used for contact with the skin of the caravan, but those left black marks. Today the material used leaves no marks. 

To add more protection many of  caravan towing covers add a foam barrier between the weaved material layers. This helps to deflect and buffer the impact of any debris encountered on the motorway. 

The front of the caravan towing cover must be kept taut at all times to prevents tears in the cover and wear marks from occurring on the skin of the caravan. To do this most of them have adjustable straps with elastic sides. 

The use of a caravan towing covers is the best and only way to protect the front end of your investment from damage when travelling down the motorway. The alternatives are either to let your caravan get dirty or not to transport it.