Caravan Microwaves

The luxury of a caravan microwave oven in your kitchen is always a welcome sight when you need to heat some tasty morsels quickly. What caravan owners need to be aware of before purchasing one is just what size and power rating should be considered since the one you have at your primary residence will not work for your caravan. 

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Small Microwaves For Caravans (12v Microwave UK)

How much power should the caravan microwave require?

When it comes to power the more the better thought is applied. With more power comes faster and more even cooking. With the need for more power requires a reliable source of this power. Unless you will always be in a campground with a 20 amp electrical hook-up, consider installing a 500 to 700 watt unit.

Power usage is not the same for input and output. The microwave will be rated in wattage. One that is listed at 700 watts is stating the output rate. The input for that size unit will be between 1000 and 1200 watts.

What level of power does a caravan microwave need?

Knowing what you need and what is available are important factors in deciding what is the right caravan microwave for your vehicle. Typical campsites in the UK and Europe operate with 240 V, but what varies is the amperage. By knowing the amperage of the plugin you will know the available power. Typical amp vs. available power data is as follows;

  • 3 Amp plug-in will have close to 720 watts of available power.
  • 6 Amp plug-in will have close to 1440 watts of available power.
  • 10 Amp plug-in will have close to 2400 watts of available power.
  • 16 Amp plug-in will have close to 3840 watts of available power.
  • 20 Amp plug-in will have close to 4800 watts of available power.

Should the caravan microwave be 240 V or 12 V?

All caravan microwave ovens need a power source. The 240 V requirement can be accommodated on a 12 volt system if an inverter is installed. The limitation of using a leisure battery as the power source is its limited power and the time to recharge it. There are solar panels but the amount of electricity they can generate is limited.

If you are going to use your microwave out where there is no available sauce of power, a small generator is suggested. This will make it possible to power your caravan microwave along with all the other electronic devices you might have.