Caravan Porch Awnings

The traditional caravan porch awning is just like a front porch many have on their homes. These simple enclosures can be enough room for a couple to sit outside and have a meal or just enjoy a cool summer evening free of pesky bugs. Some use the term caravan door canopy which is interchangeable and within the caravanning community has the same meaning.

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Best Caravan Porch Awnings

Check the Caravan Door Canopy Material and Build

The caravan porch awnings are made from high quality and durable canvas with an aluminium pole struts and nylon tie-downs to help keep it in place no matter what the weather is outside. Unlike many tents and enclosures, the porch awnings do not have the floor covered which reduces the chance of an accident tear when moving chairs and tables around.

The door canopy roof is angled so when the rain hits, it will strategically run off to areas directed away from the door so entrancing and exiting when inclement weather is about is possible without getting drenched. 

Air porch awning

The invention of inflatable awnings was turning point.  No more time spent with poles and pegs and that ensues. Save time for the fun parts of caravanning and invest in an air porch awning. Choose from leading brands that include Outdoor Revolution. Quest. Sunn Camp, Vango and Dorema.

A door canopy will extend your holiday living space  

The caravan porch awning is designed to provide that extra little space many caravan owners want when they are out enjoying the great outdoors. Caravan door canopies are made to be easy to set up and tear down so setting up your campsite only takes a few additional minutes for the extra space.