Caravan Full Awnings

By attaching a caravan full awning to the side of your caravan, the owner can double the protected living space they have. These extensions have screened windows, doors and for some even room separators so private sleeping berths can be created for the occupants.

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Best Caravan Full Awnings

The construction of the caravan full awnings includes aluminum poles so they will not rust over time. The tops are of a heavy duty canvas that is rain resistant so even when a storm hits, the people inside will remain dry. The outside walls can have bug screens in them with a closing cover made of fabric to shut out the sun and rain when desired.

Cooling the caravan full awning on hot days and evenings is easy with the ventilation screens some models have that increase the airflow through the interior without letting the bugs in.

To help make the interior nicer to be in the extra thick canvas flooring is available on many models. This prevents the wetness of rainstorms from entering the living area keeping the bedding and other items dry and enjoyable.

For many that are buying a full caravan awning to put on their caravan for the first time, they find it hard to believe they had not done it sooner.  Other options to consider include caravan porch awnings or the more versatile drive away caravan awning.