Caravan Awnings

A caravan awning will increase the usable space you have while camping that is protected from both the sun and rain. This protection can be a simple top cover canvas that has no sides to a fully enclosed structure with screen windows and a fabric door.

The top cover canvas style can be as large as your caravan is long. With open sides the cool summer breezes can flow through unhindered to help make the evening of camping more enjoyable.

Caravan Window Awnings

There are also smaller awnings to cover the windows of your caravan. These will deflect the rays of the sun while letting the breezes in to help keep your caravan cool. They will also make it possible to keep the windows open when it rains by deflecting the rain from coming in.

Full Awnings

For those that need more room, there are fully enclosed awnings that can, if desired, double the usable protected space you have at your disposal. Full caravan awnings should be of sturdy construction and can be used as sitting and sleeping spaces.

Drive Away Awnings

Drive away awnings are very popular and attach to your car or campervan, but can be easily detached, letting you drive away for the day or some shopping. On return, simply connect back to the solid tent structure. Normally connected to the van gutter rail or caravan awning railing. More recently a trend has been to inflatable caravan  porch awnings.

Caravan Inflatable Air Awnings

Inflatable air awnings are number one for ease of use. Gone are the struggle with metal poles simply use a 12 V electric air pump to inflate. All should be accomplished in less than a third of the time to put up a traditional tent structure.

The use of caravan awnings is how you can customise your campsite in the easiest way possible to accommodate your needs when in the great outdoors.