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Caravan Drive Away Awnings

What is a drive away inflatable awning

A drive away awning is simply a tent that can be attached to the caravan or motorhome. The key benefit is additional living holiday space. They are normally attached to caravan  by using the gutter rail on your vehicle, other methods do exist which we explore later.

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Because they are a stand alone structure that can  be easily disconnected from your van they are referred to as drive away awnings. This is perfect as you can quickly detach your van and drive off for a day of exploring and adventure and reattach easily on your return.

Top 5 best inflatable Drive Away Awnings 2020

Why Get a Drive Away Awning?

They are popular with caravaners because of the ease of assembly the additional living space and the ability to leave assembled and easily reconnect on your return. Some awnings come with easy extension options to add for example additional sleeping space.

How to Choose the correct Drive Away Awning 

Choosing the correct size is important as it will need to connect to your van cutter or awning railing. With the vehicle on flat ground and wheels at running pressure, measure the height from ground level to railing level. It is that simple.

The awning are available in height ranges. The ranges can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. As an example, Outdoor Revolution sell the Cayman Drive Away Awning will vehicles with a height in the range 180-240 cm 

Drive away awnings fit into different height ranges, for example, the Outdoor Revolution Cayman Drive Away Awning fits vehicles with a height range of 180-240cm, so as long as your campervan measures between this height range it will fit. 3 ranges exist for low, standard and high and typically range from 180cm to 300 cm. Any excess material is simply rolled up at the bottom. 

Great Choice of drive away inflatable awnings

Outdoor Revolution, Vango and Kampa sell a good range of quality drive away inflatable awning . These are suited to most camper vans, including the popular VW T4,T5 and T6.