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Best Caravan Battery Chargers in 2020

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Did you know that buying a battery charger is one of the best investments you can make in your motorhome or caravan? This device plays an important role during an emergency, especially if you find yourself suffering from a flat battery.

The most advanced chargers today can provide your battery maintenance, allowing you to deal with small problems before they get even worse. It could be challenging to know what the most efficient motorhome or caravan charger is. But there’s no need to worry. This post is intended to help you find the best battery charger this 2020 and to give you practical information on everything you need to know about leisure battery chargers.

What Types of Leisure Battery Charger do you Need?

The answer to this question is not always direct. Are you seeking for a fast reference? You will find some quick and tough rules to help you choose the ideal type of leisure battery charger your preferred use:

  • For Regular Use: You are almost always going to need a costlier semi-traction leisure battery in scenarios where a fixed power supply isn’t accessible or for those living in caravans or narrowboats. This is ideal for anything other than occasional weekend holidays like frequent or prolonged breaks. Take note that the construction of such batteries is unique. They offer continuous performance over a long time needed in such scenarios.List Element
  • For Occasional Use : Light leisure battery use is categorized for motorhome, boating, and occasional weekend caravan holidays. This is where fixed power points are accessible. A dual-purpose leisure battery must fit your needs if that suits your requirements. You will find that these items are often priced competitively.

What features to Consider When Buying Battery Chargers this 2020

The market is crowded with countless battery chargers that highlights excellent performance longevity and figures. However, this post is supporting you to settle for nothing less than the ideal charger you could find.

Below are some vital features you need to consider when finding a good battery charger in the market: 

  • Usability

You want a charger that makes it easy to use. Not all users have the internet and time to understand the workings of the batteries as well as their chargers. Therefore, make sure that the battery chargers you buy have gone to a greater level to make it efficient to utilise.

The majority of chargers boast a light to show a done battery in the dark. Some have LED lights to show their performance levels. What’s more, charges have been improved to attract all the power they require from the cigarette lighter of the vehicle.

You must take into account whether the charger can be utilized to power some electrical items such as your laptop or smartphone. A battery charger that has aw USB slots in it would be a good option.  

  • Safety

Battery chargers these days take safety standards seriously. Most of them have at least some safety features on every model. This is to safeguard the users and the product itself from possible bad incidents.

The updated version comes with a set of various safety features, safeguarding the batteries and the drivers. Below are some of the major safety features you must consider when looking for a good battery charger.

  • Float mode
  • Battery tester
  • Spark proof clamps
  • Reverse polarity alarm 
  • Power

Remember that more power you get will offer you a faster charging period at a higher cost than those less powerful chargers. Most battery chargers today have 12-volt batteries. Nonetheless, such chargers are much variable that ranges from 6 amps to at least 10 or even. A greater quantity of amps indicates that the charger is long-lasting, and it charges the battery faster.

Take note that more amps add to the cost of the item. You might find it to be worth the extra price in a rush-hour situation. 

  • Portability

Some of the top battery charger manufacturers concentrate on keeping their items light and small. That makes them simple to use and portable at the same time. 

Your vehicles move. Thus, it would be a wonderful idea if you purchase a battery charger, which you could bring with you on the road. Get something that you can fit inside a small travel bag or a glove box. The good thing is that the existing design of battery chargers emphasize on being lightweight and compact.

  • Indicators

Do you want a battery charger that can monitor your battery capacity while charging, allowing you to know when it requires recharging? This would be a wonderful feature to look at when buying for a battery charger. Make sure you look for one that has good indicators. That will, you can put clamps in the proper order. 

Having an indicator is a good option, particularly for those drivers who are not accustomed to charging car batteries. 

  • Manual vs. Automatic

Automatic chargers don’t need drivers to monitor the quantity of charge the battery is getting. They can switch modes as soon as the battery is completely charged. They can switch modes easily to avoid overcharging, hence enhancing the life of the battery. 

Top 6 Campervan Leisure Battery Chargers of 2020

AA Battery Charger & Maintainer

  • Affordable for the pocket
  • Ideal for gel leisure and lead-acid batteries
  • Features reverse polarity protection and short-circuit protection
  • Not a fully automated charger
  • It takes a while to be fully charger

Description of AA Battery Charger & Maintainer

This product is a 6V and 12V battery charger that you can use on both gel and acid batteries. This is very dependable and can easily be used on your car battery if it suddenly goes low and improperly working. This is also among the “smart” battery chargers that are popular in the market today. This makes use of a very intelligent microprocessor that is built in its unit. 

It also works well and has an easy to read LED screen display. You can also expect longevity of life because of its short circuit protection feature, and it is also water and dust resistant. This product is really made to impress you with great functionality and effectiveness. 

We all know that battery chargers get super expensive, but this battery charger within the mediocre price range. We assure you that this battery charger certainly does its job properly and works how it’s supposed to. This battery charger is mainly and specially designed for marine or a boat, a car, and other similar equipment like the lawnmower. This means that you can use this battery charger to power cars, boats, and other things, you find it appropriate to use them for. Just check out the compatibility to ensure efficiency and charging effectiveness.

If you are getting this product, you don’t have to worry about its shipping because this is not a bulky item. Actually, it only weighs 725 grams. You can have it conveniently shipped to your address, and you can carry it around in your motorhome, boat, or vehicle all the time because it is very lightweight.

Maypole MP7428 Electronic Battery Charger

  • The batteries are powerful when charged
  • The charge rate lowers as it charges
  • Excellent and simple to use
  • The charger doesn’t generate enough power

Maypole MP7428 Electronic Battery Charger is one of the most sought of the item in the market today. It is a very effective and durable product that every car owner should have. It can surely give your car battery that it needs. Considering that it is a “smart charger,” it works adequately set up. A vehicle with up to 5L or 5000 CC could surely use this battery charger with ease. There will be no incompatibilities.

This electronic Battery Charger is very lightweight considering that it only weighs 898 g. You can easily carry it around with you in your car so that you can use it anytime that you need it. It also measures 23x12x7 cm only. Aside from that, the product comes with special features that every car owner would like to benefit from. Since it is made with the newest technology in the industry, the charger has the ability to diagnose or detect the battery voltage needed by the battery prior to charging. You will never go wrong with this product, so make a wise investment today for your car as well as for your convenience. Take advantage of this product.

For people who are looking for a battery charger, Maypole MP7428 Electronic Battery Charger is the best pick. Generally, battery chargers are quite expensive, no matter where you look and where you are. The good news though, is that this battery charger made by Maypole is a lot cheaper than the other ones that you can find online or in your local shop. You will also not worry about the shipping because this can be delivered right to your doorstep. 

NOCO Genius G1100UK 6V/12V 1,1A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer

  • Offers a reverse polarity and overcharge protection
  • Great LED indicators
  • Can charge two times faster than other models
  • Malfunctioned easily

You would need NOCO Genius G1100UK 6V/12V 1,1A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer if you 220-240-volt 50-60 Hz electrical systems. What is it supposed to do anyway? This battery charger or battery chargers, in general, are basically designed to charge rechargeable batteries as you could have guessed just from the name. This device is used for several things when you want to charge a rechargeable battery for your car. Ranging from running cars to a lot of simpler things, this battery charger will serve its purpose. It will make your life a lot easier and convenient.

Once you have this NOCO Genius G1100UK 6V/12V 1,1A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer, you will be able to prolong the life of your battery in your car, truck, boat, RV, or lawnmower. This can provide the consistent power that your battery needs. It will also make sure that it is properly charged and loaded with the right voltage to avoid any inconveniences.

This charger comes handy in many or multiple ways. You can use this for a lot more things than you think of, such as a power bank that you use to charge other things since that’s basically what it’s supposed to do. But instead of phones, you can charge other batteries, which you can use to power your vehicles.

Even though this item is very powerful, you can expect convenience at the same time. It only weighs 780 g and measures 24x12.5x10.2 cm. Portability and being lightweight is also considered by NOCO as the maker of this product.

Numax 12V 10A Leisure Battery Charger Caravan Motorhome, Marine, Boat, Mower

  • Offers a reverse polarity and overcharge protection
  • Great LED indicators
  • Can charge two times faster than other models
  • Malfunctioned easily

Numax 12V 10A Leisure Battery Charger is becoming very popular to those people who own motorhomes. It is because of the charging ability and the effectiveness of this product. Let’s head on to the features that this battery charger has, as well as its dimensions.

Speaking of, what are the dimensions for this battery charger? Length: 167mm, Height: 50mm, Width: 103mm, and as you probably guessed, it’s very light-weight with a weight of 1 kilogram. This product also offers portability and ease of use all the time. You can also check the manual that comes with it if you want to maximize its offered benefits and advantages.

When it comes to the warranty of Numax 12V 10A Leisure Battery Charger, you don’t have to worry since this item has a one-year warranty. This charger also has a way of keeping itself from overheating. How? Well, that’s because the charger has an aluminum body with an in-built fan inside of it, which keeps it from overheating. You will have the long use of this item, and it will never fail you.

If you’re looking for a battery charger, you definitely must have a reason for wanting one of the popular Numax 12V 10A Leisure Battery Charger. Although the price may intimidate you, you should definitely give this a try because it will provide the power boost needed by your battery in your caravan motorhome, lawnmower, boat, and other marine vessels. It can charge your battery in no time to keep you going with your ride, voyage, or just with your lawn mowing chores.

Numax 12V 10A Marine Battery Charger Marine, Boat, Boathome, Caravan, Motorhome

  • Features Fast Cycle ChargeOffers a reverse polarity and overcharge protection
  • Ideal for 50Ah and 135Ah leisure batteries
  • Have discharge recovery and battery maintenance modes
  • A bit noisier

CTEK MXS 10 Fully Automatic Battery Charger

  • Easy to read LED display
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Enhances long-term performance and battery
  • The 8-step process makes this product versatile
  • Could charge those hard-to-reach batteries
  • No built-in fans suggest it gets too hot
  • Long charging period