Static Caravan Accessories

A guide to Static Caravan Accessories

There are many static caravan accessories you can purchase to help make life in your caravan more comfortable. There are also items that make transporting your caravan easier and safer.

What Static Caravan Accessories can make life more comfortable?

Parking your caravan on a level site is hard to do if not impossible in some locations. To help campers there is the caravan levellers and jacks that will make it possible for the floor of your caravan to be level no matter what terrain you park in. 

 Static Caravan Accessories that keep your battery charged 

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Safety Static Caravan Accessories 

The use of a levelling ramp is an option for small uneven terrain. There are also jacks available when necessary. No matter how you level the caravan remember to use wheel chokes to make sure it will not roll. It is also advisable to tie down the caravan that will increase stability of it.

Static Caravan Accessories that improve your security

If you plan on leaving the caravan for any period of time there are also covers to help protect it and security clamps so no one can hook up to your caravan and just pull it away.

Static Caravan Accessories that can increase your living space

The investment in a caravan awning is also practical. This can from a simple tarp type to an enclosed add-on side room that increases the protect living space of the caravan to enjoy.

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What Static Caravan Accessories that makes transporting them safer?

The simplest way to help you when on the road is with towing mirrors added to your vehicle. With the view they provide it is easier to keep track of the movement of your caravan as you go down the road. It also takes the guesswork out of knowing if you are cleared to change lanes or backing up. There are both temporary and permanently mounted mirrors available.

To help minimise or prevent the caravan from snaking while being towed are caravan stabilizers. This type of device uses friction to minimize movement so the driver will have more control over the towed caravan on straights and in corners.

What Static Caravan Accessory can help prepare for the journey ahead?

When going out on a trip packing the caravan is part of the process. As most have realized, this is an art form so the weight distribution is accomplished and the caravan will be easier to control once you are underway. To make sure you have accomplished this correctly there are nose weight gauges available. This makes it simple to know if you have too much weight forward or to the rear so the proper adjustments can be made. 

Are there any Static Caravan Accessories for the interior?

Just like in a standard home, the interiors of caravans are almost always personalised with that special touch of the owner. This can include but not limited to curtains, carpeting, blinds, towel racks, shelving, lights and much more. Nearly anything you add to your permanent residence can in incorporated into a caravan’s interior. Just remember the space is more limited in a caravan.

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